Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's for dinner?

Tonight for dinner I made crispy oven-fried tilapia, along with some supersweet white corn and jasmine rice. I have been poring over my new cookbook for nearly a month now (Deceptively Delicious), and finally tried one of the recipes today. I tried the chocolate chip cupcakes with yellow squash and pumpkin hidden inside. When they were just out of the oven, I could sorta smell traces of the squash, but when I tasted them, I couldn't taste any veggies in them! I even gave one to Josie's OT, and she said she couldn't taste anything unseemly, either. Josie would not eat them. Gracie devoured them. The real test was Lexi: she is SO picky, I actually wanted the cookbook because of HER. She didn't like them much with the icing (made from cream cheese & pure maple syrup), but without she liked them okay. SCORE! She ate squash and pumpkin without realizing it!!! Next I'm going to try the pink pancakes (with pureed beets inside). Seriously, this cookbook is awesome for any parent of a picky eater. Veggies can be snuck inside ANY food, apparently - even chicken nuggets! I highly recommend it!