Thursday, May 29, 2008


Lexi lost one of her front teeth last night. It's weird to look at her and see that missing tooth, lol! I've joined and am LOVING it. So far I've mailed out 5 books (another one going out this week), and only 3 have been rec'd, but with those 3 credits I've gotten the first 3 Sookie Stackhouse books (Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Novels). I've already read them all, of course, but now I can proudly say I OWN them. w00t! Today I've got to run by the library and take back some books I've finished, and get the rest of my Mary Janice Davidson books - apparently they don't have them saved in the library's catalog by Author name, but when I did a search for the individual titles I was able to find 4 of the remaining 5 books I haven't read yet. The sad thing is that they won't last - I'll most likely have all 4 of them finished by tomorrow night. I read even faster than usual when I'm reading something I enjoy. (It took me ages to finish Little Women because I couldn't get into it, but I finished Harry Potter 6 & 7 within 3 hours of each other.) I actually just started a series of books meant for teenagers, because the librarian recommended them to Grace & Taylor, and I want to know what they're reading. Quite brilliant, actually - they're the Lady Grace mysteries by Grace Cavendish (pen name), and I'm reading book A (a stands for Assassin, B is for Betrayal, etc etc - I think the series is up to the letter F so far). We checked out A-D, so we have 4 to get through. I'm not quite halfway through A, but I fear that when I pick up the rest of my fun books today, this one will go on the back burner for a bit. Not to fear, I will finish it - probably Saturday. But Grace is reading book 1 of the Sisters Grimm, so she has no need for it yet, and Taylor won't be here for another week yet, so she won't need them free until June 8, which gives me plenty of time to read all 4 of them, and other books besides.

ANYWAY! I guess I'd better lay off the blogging for now - Josie needs to be changed, and I have to tidy up a bit - not to mention that I wanted to make some cupcakes for dessert tonight. :) Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!