Friday, May 30, 2008

La la la la...

Some of my friends seem to be amazed that New Kids on the Block are getting back together. What? You mean not everyone stalks Joe McIntyre on the internet like I've been doing?? *innocent blink* My daughters have been making fun of me, and they don't know NKOTB from High School Musical. Yeah, right, like that's not lame! Sheah! Anyway, I have all of Joe's solo cds, and even one of Jordan's (not worth the $3 I dropped on it at Goodwill, proving once and for all that during all those arguments I had with Melissa back in jr. high: I WAS RIGHT! VICTORY IS MINE!!!! Joe has always been far superior!). I am surprised to see Jon back in the mix, after he had all those panic attacks. He was bordering on being Agoraphobic. Remember? I can't be the only one who remembers that... can I? Remember when VH1 did that "reuniting the band" show? Cuz they tried to do New Kids, and Jon, Danny, and Donny said no. Jon is heavy into real estate. Does anyone else think I know too much about this? Ahem.

Now that my superiority has been established (as if it wasn't before), how has everyone else's week been going? :D


Jonathon and Karen said...

"You know Joey Joe's with you, Darlin!"

Can you name which video tape that is from?