Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reading day

So Lexi stayed home today, due to her hacking all day yesterday. Josie is in 7th heaven, since she has a sissy home to play with. :) As for me, I am still in pain (ankles swollen, bloody, blistered heels, achey legs), so I am dubbing today "reading day." I have 5 books from the library, plus two I purchased this past weekend, so I am settling down and digging in (as much as the kids will let me, I mean). Right now I am about 100 pages into the newest Charlaine Harris novel, From Dead to Worse. If you haven't read her Southern Vampire novels, I highly suggest you start! She is fantastic.

Hope everyone else has a lovely day!


Lisa said...

I am having trouble leaving comments, the computer is against me!!!
Hope that all of the Baker girls are feeling better. I had a very good Mothers Day. We became members at our new church & the kids gave me activity cards. It was a perfect stress free day.