Thursday, May 8, 2008


So Josie's new favoritest show of all time is Zoboomafoo. She loves all of the animals, and I love watching her watch it! She cracks me up! She keeps saying, "Mommy, comes!" (here he comes)

So last night I tried a new pie crust recipe that I'd gotten off the internet. It turned out HORRIBLY. Like, inedible horribly. So we ate the filling out of it (caramel apple - tastes like the apple dumplings at Harvest Homecoming), and today I bought a ready-made crust from Kroger and am baking the pie as I type. It smells HEAVENLY!

Tonight the girls have scouts, and they're making their Gorp bags to take camping with us this weekend. Poor Lexi has to take something from home, since she's allergic to nuts and the chex mix has peanuts in it. :(

Does anyone else watch Top Chef? I was SO glad to see her leave last night. I'm rooting for Richard right now :D

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!