Monday, May 12, 2008

Bring on the pain - also known as 'my weekend with the Girl Scouts'

So Saturday was to be the girls' first outing with their new girl scout troop, right? We got everything packed and borrowed a TON of stuff from my sister Candy, including (but not limited to) tent & sleeping bags. We got up at 5 a.m. to be at the church on time, and the troop leader was late. Then we spent another 20 minutes waiting for someone who forgot their kids' sleeping bags to go home and get them and bring them back. By the time we left, we were an hour late. The drive was 1.5 hours, very pleasant, since the 5 girls in the van got along great, and I got along great with Samantha, who was driving.

We get to the state park, and we have to park in an area different from the leader & the other vehicle. We waited for an HOUR for the troop leader to come and get us and our things. Apparently while we were sitting around waiting for them, they had set up their tents and gotten their girls ready, and we didn't even know where camp was yet. So we had to hustle to drop our stuff off and get the girl scout t-shirts onto us and the girls.

In all, we walked TEN FREAKING MILES yesterday. I freaked out, because Gracie started looking pale and got purple circles under her eyes and said she was dizzy. UH, MOMMY PANIC MODE: ON. I made sure that the leader remembered that Grace has a heart condition, and she flagged down an emergency vehicle to take me and Grace to our next destination to sit down and wait for the rest of the troop. We went, along with Lexi and another little girl who was suffering from CROUP. So we sit and wait, and 20 minutes later, our troop catches up. We walk for about 15 minutes, and then Gracie can't go on again. Keep in mind that by this time, it's about 5 p.m., and we'd been walking basically nonstop since 11 a.m. So another emergency vehicle takes her, Lexi, and some other kids & 2 adults back to camp. It takes me, the leader, and a few of the girls 45 minutes to walk back. By the time we get there, I'm dizzy and sweating buckets (already dehydrated, mind), and my feet literally feel like they're on fire. We eat dinner (tacos in a bag: fritos, taco meat, cheese, & lettuce, all in the frito bag). Grace had an orange. The girls played. It got dark, so we built a fire. We're getting ready to do smores when the park ranger informs us that the weather is supposed to get bad: extreme cold front, 1-3 inches of rain, and HAIL. We discuss and decide to go home. This is at 10 p.m. Gracie and Lexi are UBER disappointed that they didn't get to sleep in the tent, but occupy themselves with shining their flashlights in the eyes of the two raccoons that keep trying to sneak into our camp. We pack up, and Gracie tells me her stomach, legs, head, and feet hurt. So I give her two chewable children's tylenol. We pack up, and start the drive home.

An hour into the drive, Gracie starts puking. ALL OVER THE VAN. We pull over. She was asleep the whole time she was yacking! We change her clothes outside in the pouring rain, clean the van, and bag the sick. Put my poncho on her, in case she gets sick again. 20 minutes later she suddenly screams, "MY STOMACH HURTS!" and BLECCH. Everywhere. At that point, we were 5 minutes away from jason's mom's house, and 20-25 minutes away from my apartment. I called jason's mom, and she told us to come to her house. The time at this point? TWO FREAKIN' A.M. We get into their house. Gracie yacks at 2:30, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:30. By 9:30, her tummy is achey, but she feels better, she claims.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sunburnt. Ever seen "Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives" on Food Network? I have the sunglasses sunburn he always has. :/ Gracie hasn't been sick anymore yesterday or today so far, thank GOD - but she still stayed home from school today because her stomach hurts. And I just called school to tell them that, and they said that Lexi was in the nurse's office - her teacher said she was coughing so much that it was a disruption! :( Her dad is going to get her and bring her home. :(

My legs and feet are so sore, I have blisters all up and down my heels. Last night I soaked my feet in some watermelon effervescent foot tablets that I had ordered last week from Avon - total bliss. Aaaaaaaaah!

How was everyone's Mother's Day? My father-in-law made me bacon, eggs, & toast for breakfast on Sunday, and then Jason brought me a mocha from Coffee Crossing. He & the girls gave me a blender and a gift card to Family Christian bookstore. My Mother & Father in law gave me a purse and a gift card to Family Christian bookstore. My brother & sister in law gave me a gift card to iTunes. ♥ We gave my SIL the new Point of Grace cd, and gave my MIL lots of flowers to plant. After we had lunch, we left, and I got to look around Family Christian. I bought the Ted Tripp book "Shepherding a Child's Heart," and some bible tabs. Gracie got a GiGi book, and Lexi got a GiGi doll, while Josie got some Veggie Tales figurines. Then we had dinner at Pizza Hut (Gracie was bummed cause Dad said no pizza [sensitive stomach, he was being cautious], and she decided to have a salad and breadsticks).

Anyway, not much happened after that, except that we came home, and I took some Tylenol PM to help ease the pain of my facial sunburn and my sore legs and feet. Hope it was great for everyone else!


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