Monday, May 5, 2008

Cake Decorating

I'm going to try my hand at cake decorating, starting with Taylor & Lexi's birthday party this summer. You may remember that last year, I made my niece's cake:

Well, this year I'm going to attempt something much more polished. Don't get me wrong - I am SO proud of that Strawberry Shortcake cake :D But now I'm on to bigger & better things. I am going to do a castle cake for Lexi (she picked it out herself) and try something more teenager-y for Taylor (it IS going to be her 13th, after all). And since I'm having the party at a venue (hopefully), then I can spend time & money on the cakes that I normally wouldn't be able to. Tomorrow I'm going down to my favorite baking supply store (Cake Ladies Dream Shoppe), and I've already called them, so they're holding some stuff for me. YAY! BAKING! I BAKING!!!!!

In other news, Lexi went to the dentist today and had a tooth drilled. :( She's doing okay, the dentist said she was uber good in the chair and during the drilling (they gave her nitrous, so why shouldn't she be? lol), and she made his day easier since she didn't cry or fight him, like the teenage boy who went before her!!! She's happy that today she gets mashed potatoes and pudding, and mommy won't be yelling at her to finish her veggies!

Also, if you pray, please pray for my Dad. He may have polycystic kidney disease. If you know my family, you know that this is the disease that took my Grandmother who raised me away from us. I don't want to lose my Dad, too. Please pray for him.


Lisa said...

Michelle, your cake is so cute. Have you seen Bakerella's blog?