Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Times.

So tonight for dinner, I made a Chicken Tetrazzini from scratch. Josie actually had THIRDS, mushrooms and all! Faboo! Tomorrow night I have slated roasted chicken & rosemary potatoes, and I promised Grace I'd make my apple pie tomorrow for dessert. Just as soon as I see some good peaches, though, I'm gonna make that peach citrus cake that I saw on Take Home Chef - oh, it looked SO YUMMY.

I called Hobby Lobby, and they start new Wilton cake decorating classes every month. They meet every Tuesday night, and it costs $24.50 for the class, plus you have to buy a beginner's kit that has all your supplies (not sure how much that costs). Does anyone want to go with me starting in June? Leave a comment or email me and let me know if you want to - I think it'll be fun. Plus from what I understand, you take home a decorated cake at the end of each class, so dessert is a bonus!

This weekend I'm going on a camping trip with the girls and their Girl Scout troop. Here's to hoping that my overweight self can make it through the hiking.

Anybody else ever been to Ichthus? I thought about taking Gracie and Taylor up there for the whole 3 days, but then I found out it'd cost us over $300 to do that, NOT including whatever food or souvenirs we bought. Yowza. I guess Grace will just have to settle for the free Newsboys concert during the KY state fair!

Love to all...