Thursday, February 28, 2008

Terrible start today...

Sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug, right?

Today I was definitely the bug. :(

Got up this morning and hauled sweetpea (Josie) to the pediatrician, because she's still having low-grade fevers, even with her antibiotics and the motrin she's been taking. We checked in at 9:45. Keep in mind that we ran out of the house right after she woke up, so neither one of us had eaten anything. I had enough wits to grab a sippy cup full of milk, so she at least had that, but she had no interest in it. They poked her finger, swabbed her throat twice (for a flu test, one for their office and one for the state of Indiana), and attached a bag to her bottom to catch a urine sample. She kept screaming "EAT!" and cried "HUNNY!" (hungry) So finally at 11:30, when no one had been into her room for over an hour, I called the doctor in and said, "She HAS to eat. I have to take her and get her something to eat." He finally concedes after some argument, and just as we're walking out at 11:45, my cell rings. The caller ID says it's the girls' school.

Me: "hello?"
School Person (SP): "Mrs. Baker?"
Me: "Yes?"
SP: "You do realize that we're operating on a half day schedule today, right?"
Me: *stunned silence - realizing that that means that the girls got out at freaking 11:15.* "Uh, NO."
SP: "Yes, we had a half day today, and your daughters are in the front office, waiting for you to pick them up."
Me: "I'm on my way, out the door. I'll be there in less than 10 minutes - I'm SO SORRY."
SP: "That's all right. I'll let them know."

So my sorry butt speeds all the way from the hospital to their school, and when I get there, Lexi is BAWLING because she was afraid I wasn't going to come and get her! Apparently the school sent home a notice on Monday that said today was going to be a half-day, and neither one of my kids brought their note home!!! (*&^#@&^#%! Talk about feeling like the world's worst mother! :( :( :( To make things up to them, I took them all to Wendy's (which is where they picked), and we had lunch. Then we had to go back to the pediatrician's and wait for Josie to pee into the urine sample bag. She finally does, and we wait for a freakin' hour for the doctor to come and tell me that she is perfectly fine, and nothing is wrong except that she's anemic (DUH). He said that her random fever spikes are probably just leftover symptoms from whatever infection she's being treated for, and that they should go away. BUT if they persist through the weekend, I'm to bring her back on Monday morning. Sheah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt, right? >:P He gave her a script for an iron supplement (which she will NOT take), and we were outta there. We went to the Dollar Tree, and I gave the girls each $1 to spend, and they were pacified. We came home and I laid down, since my tooth was killing me. Gracie laid with me and watched Vol. 1 of Animaniacs while I slept. Then we had dinner, and then I took the girls to their Girl Scout meeting, which they loved. Then I went to Kmart and bought some socks for me and a bottle of Aleve, got home and realized the stupid cashier didn't even put the Aleve in my bag! So now I have to go tomorrow and pick it up.

Dear Thursday:

Next week, skip my house.

No love,