Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day 2008

So this has been a decent weekend. Today was fun - the girls were out of school due to President's day... this morning started off with me having to tote Josie to her 2 year checkup at the pediatrician. She weighs 24 lbs 8 oz and is 33 1/2 inches tall. She is also still slightly anemic, apparently. I am supposed to give her multivitamin supplements with iron when I give her orange juice. This presents quite a problem, since she pretty much hates OJ. Then he did a lead test, which was normal. He said she was up to date on all of her shots, so they gave her a flu shot (he said that they see an average of 12 children PER DAY who have the new strain of flu that's going around). He also gave her a prescription for Claritin instead of Zyrtec, since Zyrtec is now available over the counter. All in all, she's growing just fine. I have to call the Cardiologist tomorrow, though, and schedule her and Gracie's yearly appointment. I'm not so much worried about Josie as I am about Gracie, since her heart defect is worse than Josie's. It always terrifies me to have to take Grace in there. Thank the Lord that she seems to take it in stride - I just wish her mom could chill out more about it =) Next month is also their next dental appointment (Lexi hated going last time, since she had to get fillings - but she is working her VERY FIRST LOOSE TOOTH as we speak, lol!), and I have to schedule Josie's 1st appointment there as well. He's the same dentist I went to as a kid, and he STILL sings "Michelle" (Beatles) every time he sees me. :)

Today we went to the $1 theatre, and as a super added bonus, wound up only having to pay fifty cents per person to see the Disney movie "Enchanted," which we all LOVED. Then we went to Starbucks, and the girls had hot chocolate and I had a black & white soy mocha while we watched it flurry outside. Can't beat a day like that with a stick, can ya? =)

Hope everyone else is having a lovely day off as well.