Monday, February 25, 2008

ER Visit

My Sunday was more eventful than I would have liked for it to be, and not in a good way. First off, I have to apologize to a dear friend - Brad, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral this morning. Here's why...

Saturday Josie was running a fever. It was barely 101, and I thought it was nothing to worry about, since she's cutting her molars. Went ahead and made plans to attend a local church on Sunday, and went about our Saturday business. She wasn't really eating dinner, but she's so picky, I didn't even think about it.

Sunday morning dawns, and her fever is somewhere near 102. Gave her Tylenol and it went down a bit; we decided not to go to church, since she was kind of lethargic and her temp was higher. Went ahead and went to my in-law's house, like we do every Sunday. Gave her Motrin at noon, and she took a nap. Around 3:30, Jason takes her temp - it's 103.1. I rushed her to the ER at Floyd Memorial, where they take her temp and tell me it's 103.7.

Long story short (too late, right?): the ER doc was a JERK, the nurses were super sweet, Josie had blood drawn from the crook of her arm (and she has a huge bruise to prove it), and they said her white blood cell count was elevated and that her blood oxygen levels were low. She has a bacterial infection and an upper respiratory infection. They gave her a shot of antibiotics (she's walking funny even this morning, since her leg obviously still hurts) and some Tylenol. I filled a script for Amoxicillin, which she doesn't seem to mind taking (thank God), plus we alternate Tylenol/Motrin every 2 hours. I bought some Pediasure (not Pedialyte, which tastes like bottled vomit), but she's not interested. The only things she wants to drink are Sprite and Coke - and forget about eating; she doesn't even want crackers. I just gave her some chocolate Pediasure, so I'm hoping she'll drink it. I'm terrified of her becoming dehydrated.

I went ahead and canceled her ST appointment for tomorrow, because I just don't think she'll be up to it... and I'm even thinking of going ahead and canceling her OT appt for Thursday, just to give her some time to recover. We'll see. For now, we're both knackered - gonna go lay down. Please keep my darling baby in your prayers.

Love to all,