Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love my kids.

Seriously, I love my kids so much it hurts. It's hard to believe that, once upon a time, I swore that I would never have kids, ever. Now I have 3 of my own, and during the summer, I have 4. I can't imagine what life would be like without them. They are my pride and joy - like the saying goes, I never knew what it would feel like to have my heart outside of my body until I had children. I thank God every day for the three blessings he's seen fit to send me, because I would truly be a shell of a person without them. They make me a better person in every sense of the word. I know it's random, but every now and then I just have to gush about them.

What did y'all think about American Idol last night? I only saw 3 guys that I really even thought were decent. Hopefully the girls will blow them out of the water, just like last year. Tonight is also the Project Runway reunion show, which will be interesting. I hope Sweet P gets the fan favorite =)

Jason surprised me last night by bringing me some gifts. He bought me the DVD of Pretty In Pink (Everything's Just Duckie edition) and the complete first and second seasons of PERFECT STRANGERS. OMG, I loved that show when it was on!!! I watched the entire first disc, and laughed my butt off. I still love it!!! And I noticed as I watched: the theme song has some pretty meaningful lyrics. Not something I say lightly, especially about a sitcom theme song, but there you are.

Well, here's to hoping that everyone else is having a lovely day!