Sunday, February 10, 2008


That's right, folks - I'm feeling oogy again. Good news is that I've reconnected with yet another old gal pal! YAY! I met Andrea in 1994 when I attended a summer program at IU Bloomington, and I found her again three days ago! She's in New Zealand right now, but she's been to Nepal and Fiji, and is going to travel even more after that! Color me MUY jealous! It's amazing where life takes us sometimes, isn't it? I remember thinking that I was so anxious to get out of high school and away from the people there (not my friends, but others)... and in the last year, I've had at least two people who HATED me (seriously, people - they loathed me) contact me and tell me they wish that they'd known back in high school that friends were more important than popularity. Yikes - what middle age does to people! LOL!

In any case, I don't really have much of anything to say. Tater, I hope you had fun in Florida. Jen, it was an absolute BLAST talking to you and the man this weekend. To everyone else - have a faboo week.

Much love,


Karen Hooser said...

Growing up is awesome!