Thursday, January 24, 2008

So counter-productive!

I've been trying to clean, but every time I get something done, miss thing goes behind me and tears it right back up! I get a lot done, and then she undoes it for me! RAWR! So I am taking 15 minutes. I'm having a drink, checking emails, and praying for a lot more patience... and then I'll try again! I dressed her this morning so cute, in a little pink velvety sweatsuit. She wound up getting chocolate on the butt of her pants (which is odd because she didn't have any chocolate, and YES it was chocolate and not something else), so I had to take those off. Then she removed her own socks, shoes, and jacket. So now the little chicken is running around in her diapy and a t-shirt!!

Last night I sat down and tried to force myself to read the book Uglies. I've been wanting to read it for a while... but I just can't get into it. The next book on my list is a Libba Bray book, and hopefully I'll be able to get into that one. I spent several hours (as previously mentioned somewhere in this blog, I don't sleep well) working my Kakuro and Sudoku puzzles. My crossword puzzle book is full. :( After that, I dug out one of my Liz Curtis Higgs books and started re-reading it. I forgot to wear my reading glasses, as I so often do as of late. Really, if Taylor isn't here to remind me to wear them, or if Gracie doesn't remind me, I don't remember to. They gather dust on my nightstand. I'm supposed to wear them for reading and anything else I do close-up, like working on the computer... but you guessed it - I'm not wearing them now, either. I need to go back and have another eye exam... it's been about 2 years now since I had it done. I'm sure I need new glasses. It's no wonder I get such headaches.

Gracie has to wear glasses to read/write, too. She's farsighted. I also happen to think that she has Attention Deficit Disorder (which I'm trying to have her evaluated for), so she quite frequently forgets to wear her glasses. [which translates into, if Mommy doesn't put them on her face, she doesn't wear them.] ;)

All right, I guess I've loitered long enough. I need to repair what Hurricane Josephine tore up, since the OT is coming for her weekly visit today. PRAY FOR STRENGTH, Y'ALL!