Sunday, January 20, 2008

Man, I'm old!

My stepdaughter and I were talking today (we talk to her every Sunday), and I made the comment at some point that I was losing my memory in my old age. She laughed her little rear off at me (I'm going to do some serious finger-wagging at her when she gets here!), but the comment got me to thinking. I really don't have a lot of memories of anything - from my childhood on up. The first memory I really have is from when I was in the 3rd grade, and my mom [adoptive grandmother] had just had a heart attack. I remember the cruelty of the comments made by my teacher (authority figures should never abuse their position the way she did - it made me mistrust teachers for a long time), and the cruelty of some family members that was completely unnecessary for a kid whose entire life was lying in a hospital bed. After that, I have some scant memories of elementary school... and a few scattered remembrances from high school... a bit of college... I swear, I'm not on drugs, and haven't been. I know this can't be normal that I don't remember as much as other people do. I mean, Jason can remember TONS of stuff from his childhood on, and so can his sister, and their mom, and so on and so on. I seriously am probably one of the most forgetful people you've ever met. Maybe that's why I've acquired a touch more of OCD than is probably healthy for me... I'm no Monk, but I'm getting there. It's kind of scary, actually. I have organized my kids' toys in bins, and put photos of the contents on the outsides of the drawers so we ALL know what's in there, and what goes where. I'm the same way with my scrapbooking supplies, and I've gradually become more anal about my kitchen. If I had the money, there would be so many shelves and plastic organizing containers in this place that it would look crazy (or crazier than it does now, anyway).

Does anyone else watch American Idol or Project Runway? Gracie watches both with me, which cracks me up. :) I love AI. Hopefully I'll get to go to the concert at the KY state fair again this year.

I took Josie out to Portrait Innovations for her 2 year old pictures Friday, and as I was carrying her across the parking lot, I slipped on ice and fell on my right hip. I have a huge bruise on my right ankle (I scraped it), and a bruise on my hip, but thankfully Josie was unscathed. She was frightened, but all right.

Speaking of Josie... I'm having a party for her birthday for my side of the family at my apartment, which ties back into the OCD thing... I have to vacuum/dust/scour/disinfect everything in this godforsaken place before I allow others in to view my madness. Just the thought of the amount of work I'm going to have to accomplish in less than 3 weeks makes me feel like hyperventilating!

Okay, taking a deep breath and moving on... my father in law's mother is in the hospital and doesn't have much time left, so please send your thoughts and prayers their way. They are magnificent people (my in-laws), and it hurts to see them go through this.

Quick side note: OMG I AM HATING the Superbowl teams right now!!! The Giants just beat Green Bay... Favre was so close! (You were wrong, Dad! HAHA!) ;)

Anyway... that's all for right now. I'm going to head to bed now, because I have a massive cold that's kicking my behind all over the place. Love to all.

P.S. - I sent out emails for invitations to Josie's party. If you didn't get yours or would like to come, let me know. All are welcome!


Karen Hooser said...

I thought I would jog your memories: Roger Propes, Captain Crunch, Mixed Tapes, Halloween Parties at Ernies, Passing Notes in French Class, and Color Guard Uniforms. Remember some of that?