Friday, January 25, 2008

Insert witty title here.

I wish Josie's cold would just take a hike, already. Seriously, the poor girl's nose has been leaking for almost a week straight now, and it's red from all the wiping. :( On a good note, I cleaned a bit today, and managed to change sheets on all 3 of the girls' beds. Lexi is upset though - I put her Tinkerbell sheets on her bed and put Taylor's old Powerpuff Girl sheets on Gracie's bed... she said, "Momma, I like the PP Girls, NOT Gracie!" I said I was sorry, but I think she's holding a grudge!!!

We've been watching lots of Project Runway reruns, and Gracie has decided that [at least for today] she wants to be a fashion designer. She saw a commercial for the Barbie Design thingy, so naturally now she's going to "absolutely die" if she doesn't get it (her words, not mine).

Josie's birthday is one week from tomorrow, and I am SO not ready for it!

...okay, gotta cut this post short. It's nearing dinnertime and the girls are ravenous! Love to all!