Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nutella goodies!!!

I was talking to my girlfriend Tracy this morning, and I brought up the subject of Nutella. She'd never heard of it, and I was gobsmacked. How many of you out there have never had a taste of this wonderful treat? Nutella is like peanut butter, only made with hazelnuts, and it already has chocolate in it. I love it on toast or waffles, or sometimes even pancakes. My yayness this morning was due to finding a cupcake recipe that uses Nutella in it! Then I found a whole different page devoted to using Nutella in recipes! If you want to look for it, you can usually find it in the aisle with the peanut butter. Kroger carries it sporadically, but I can always find it at Meijer (which I hate, but I digress - that's another story for another time).

I watched American Idol last night (as per usual), and I am confused. Does it seem like to anyone else that they've lowered their standards this year? I saw some not so good people get through, and there have been at least two people in the last two weeks that I thought should've gotten through and didn't. Maybe my hearing is going in my old age; I don't know. I found myself actually covering my eyes at some of the worse auditions, which Gracie thought was just hilarious. "Why are you doing that, Mom?" "Because they're so bad, I'm embarrassed for them, honey." "Why, do you know them?" KIDS!!!

Speaking of kids... 2 days, and my baby will be 2. Color me sad. :( She's growing up so fast! I wish I could stop time for a little while, you know? Ah well. Here's to hoping everyone has a great rest of the day - I'm gonna go make some cupcakes and clean to get ready for Josie's OT visit. Love to all!