Saturday, November 8, 2008

So today..

So today was my childrens' 6 month checkup at the dentist, right? We get out of the car, and I stop and turn to Grace (my 8 yr old) and say, "OH MY GOSH I FORGOT YOUR MEDICINE!" (Since she has a heart condition, she is supposed to have medication before every trip to the dentist.) Then I take a breath and remember that the ADA and AAP say that now that precaution wasn't necessary, and I am relieved. So we all go in, and the three monkey girls get called back. Then about 20 minutes later, I go in to have my talk with the dentist (who, incidentally, used to be MY dentist :D). He says no cavities on any of the girls (WOOHOO). Says Lexi is going to need braces by the time she's a teen (no surprise, he told me that last time), and that she'll probably need some more fillings the next time she comes. Then he gets to Grace. She has two baby teeth left, the ones on either side of her front teeth. He said they're loose, but only ONE of them has a permanent tooth coming in behind it. Which means that she'll have a big gap in her smile and no tooth to fill it. His suggestion? BRACES to pull her teeth closer together and fill in the gap. MY CHILD WILL NEED BRACES BEFORE SHE IS NINE YEARS OLD. I am, to say the least, stunned. She is anxious. This is like shooting fish in a barrel, folks- should've seen it coming, I guess. Taylor is getting braces before Christmas, Grace is gonna have 'em before summertime, and Lexi will need them in a few years. He said Josie has a 50/50 chance of needing them, but you can guess which side the chips will fall on. Crap!

And I still feel oogy. I have been coughing up blood and coughing so hard that I gag every time I cough. Last night I sneezed, and my nose started gushing blood! What the heck! I am falling apart, y'all!!!