Monday, November 10, 2008


So I was strolling through Meijer the other day, a favorite activity of mine and Josie's. (Hey, it's either wander the grocery or camp out in the library, and we do our fair share of both these days.) We were walking through the fruit aisles, and I spied the Bosc Pears. OH they looked so good, and I haven't had fresh pears in forever, so I bought $8 worth (which was 9 pears). They sat in a brown paper bag in my kitchen for two days to ripen, and I finally took them out today. I peeled and sliced them (oh, how I long for a mandolin to do it for me!), and while I was doing that, Josie came into the kitchen and said "What's going on, Mommy?" I handed her a chunk of pear and said, "Taste it, it's like candy!" She took a tiny bite, then shoved the rest of it in her mouth and held out her hand for more. This is a HUGE deal for my picky-butt child! She wound up eating almost a whole pear! Long story short (too late!), I made a pear crisp. It smelled so yummy baking - the whole house smells like pears and cinnamon! Definitely good eats!


Lisa said...

holy moley ... that looks good!!!!!!!!!