Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's Saturday!! *dances* Saturday is my favorite day of the week - CHURCH! Today we got up and the girls tried on some old bathing suits. The good news is that Grace has 5-6 suits she can wear. The bad news is that Lexi only has 2, and she wants at least one more. Josie has 2 as well... possibly more, if I can go through the mountain of clothes in my room and find the rest of them before swimming starts! We just had breakfast (the girls ate a metric ton of chocolate chip pancakes), and in a few minutes (after Veggie Tales is over), we're going to start cleaning their room and throwing out toys. Surprisingly, they aren't too upset about it. I told them we were going to send them to kids who don't have toys (an orphanage, if I can find one nearby - haven't looked yet). They have a ton of stuffed animals to get rid of, and I told them it might make a kid feel better to hug one. <3 Hope everyone's day is lovely!