Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the dumps.

So yesterday I had a really bad day - really low. I was down in the dumps, for real. Today I am a little bit better. Even though it's gloomy out, I'm not being a sourpuss. Instead I am happy, because I'm beginning to plan our annual family trip to Holiday World! I LOVE HOLIDAY WORLD! It always makes me sad when we leave, because I know it'll be another year before we get to go back. This year they have 3 new rides... one in the water park, a carousel, and a frog hopper, which all the kids adored at Indiana Beach when we went. So here's a list of some of the things I want to do this summer with Tater here:

* Holiday World
* Zoo
* Science Center
* Frazier Museum
* Art Sparks
* Build-A-Bear
* Graeter's
* Max & Erma's
* Family pix at Portrait Innovations
* Indianapolis Children's Museum
* Newport Aquarium
* Aquatic Center (many, MANY times)
* Ice Skating
* Bowling
* Roller Skating

And more... not to say that we'll get to do all of those things, but I'm always overly ambitious anyway! With 4 kids, it's expensive to do ANYTHING!