Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Lookit that- the sun is shining, and it's a beautiful day! Too bad I feel like my head is gonna explode, huh? :\

Well, Avon is going steadily along, though yesterday I sent an email application to be my DSM's personal assistant in this area, since she lives in Indy. Here's to hoping I get to do it... don't know yet though, she hasn't emailed me back. But I am loving selling Avon! I am addicted to their Glazewear lip gloss... my only problem is that I was not a "girly girl" growing up, so I never learned how to put on makeup properly. I am learning a lot now, but still...

Josie is taking a nap right now. She started getting a runny nose and being wheezy last night, and today she's got even more of a runny nose and is coughing as well. I should have called and canceled the speech therapist, but she's missed too many appointments already, so I'm going to ride it out and hope everything goes okay. The fact that she's resting now is good; maybe she'll have more energy for the therapy. She's such a good baby! ♥

Two days ago I checked out Ian McEwan's "Atonement" from the library, and hopefully I'll be able to start reading it tonight. Has anyone else read it? Just curious. It really sounds good, and I wanted to see the movie, so we'll see, I guess. I just got finished making a HOOOOOOOOOOOOGE wishlist over at Christianbook.com, and emailed it to myself. Ha. If I bought everything on it, I'd be spending over $200. Say, anyone have a spare $200 to give me? ;)

The maintenance guy from the apartments actually came today, and as per usual, he didn't do a doggoned thing. *sigh* At least I have some other things to distract me tonight... dinner (making General Tso's chicken from scratch), delivering Avon, and picking up some more books I reserved at the library!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!