Friday, October 17, 2008

God is SO GOOD!

You will not believe this story! I am just amazed at the way God works, and this is proof that His hand is in everything, no matter how big or small! Last month I was going to give my sister Josie's old crib (it had never been used, since Josie slept with me). Her mother in law went ahead and bought her a brand new one, even though she'd known I was giving mine to Jennifer. I was mad at the time, but thought, "hey, she deserves a new one," so I let it go. Well, I had my father in law come over today to put it together so I could sell it to Once Upon a Child, and wasn't sure they'd take it, since there were tiny chinks in the wood. He was missing a part, so I looked online to see if it was replaceable, and found out it had been RECALLED in 2007! I HAD NO IDEA!! Apparently several babies had died because of a flaw in its design! (Thank GOD Josie never slept in it, eh?) Well I called the 800 number to get the repair kit, and got no answer. So I called the CSPC hotline, and they said Simplicity (the manufacturer) had gone out of business!!! He told me to take it to Wal Mart or Target, since they seemed to be honoring the purchases and either giving repair kits or new cribs. I took it to Wal Mart, and they REFUNDED THE PRICE OF THE CRIB. I got a gift card for $158.66!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD. He knew the danger of the crib and prevented my sister's baby from being in it!!! So I got some groceries, and the girls got to pick out Halloween costumes, and I FILLED THE CAR UP WITH GAS.

I feel like a millionaire, I am so blessed!!!