Friday, August 28, 2009

Homeschooling - Yay!

We have had such a blast homeschooling so far! I know we're only about two weeks in, and burnout comes easily (according to other HS moms I've talked to), but right now we're going strong! I just need to find a Bible-study curriculum that fits in with where I want the kids to be. I'm using the Charlotte Mason method (no textbooks, using living books [novels & children's books] to teach. Right now we're working on a unit on Colonial America, specifically the Revolutionary War period. So far, so good... they've read the first Felicity book (American Girl), and we're reading a different one together (Emma's Journal by Marissa Moss), and we're pulling spelling and vocabulary words from that. We went to the Frazier museum two days ago, and I had a really exciting moment when Lexi ran up to an exhibit and exclaimed, "Mommy, LOOK! a REDCOAT! He's a British soldier!" :) So far they've made silhouettes, Chinese wallpaper, their own butter, and a Native American stick toss game. Today is going to be a slow day, because we're going to do some grammar worksheets - I never noticed before what difficulty they have with proper capitalization! Yikes!

If you would, please pray for my father in law. He has a very painful kidney stone, and they were going to take care of it yesterday, but he is on blood thinners so they have to wait until he's been off of his medication for a week. It must be agony to have to wait... he needs all the prayers he can get!

Taylor starts High School on Monday, so she needs some prayers, too. I think she is a touch nervous about it... sure wish she was here so we could give her reassurance, but I know she will do great! She's stronger than she thinks!

Yesterday for dinner I made baked thyme chicken with alfredo noodles and baked beans. Then for dessert I sliced up three pounds of fresh peaches and made a cobbler, complete with homemade whipped cream. It was soooo yummy!

Tonight is the Wizards of Waverly Place movie on Disney - the girls are uber excited. I promised them we'd pop some popcorn and watch it in my bedroom. Can't wait for a girls' movie night!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!