Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bust a gut

You know, I don't really think I ever realized what that phrase meant - "bust a gut" - before I had kids. Tonight, for instance, we were sitting around the dinner table, just the three girls and I. We had bbq chicken legs for dinner. I asked my oldest to go into the kitchen and put some more sodas in the fridge for her dad (since he's at work now, they'll be cold for him when he gets home). She got up and went into the kitchen, and the baby (3 yrs old) gets down from her chair and picks up the half-eaten chicken leg from my oldest child's plate. She takes a bite, and my middle child and I start cracking up laughing. My oldest calls out from the kitchen, "What are you doing?" And the baby answers, "I'm eating your chicken!" I just love laughing until you can hardly breathe, catching your breath, and starting all over again! All laughter should be belly-shaking and breath-stealing! Don't you think? :)

Another fun thing today... I decided to homeschool the girls this year, due to many things that happened last year in their public school. We started two days ago, and are working on a unit on Colonial America. We're using the Charlotte Mason method, which so far is completely awesome. Today we did several things: we made silhouettes, just like the girl in our Colonial America book; we made & played a stick toss game that the Native Americans played; and we MADE BUTTER. How totally awesome is that? We talked about churning and how the Colonists didn't always have places nearby to buy butter in neat little tubs or sticks like we do today, so they had to make their own. We made our own butter (and buttermilk as a neat byproduct - I cook with it a lot), and the girls got a lesson in hard work. They are so proud of their butter, it's not even funny - they even called their grandparents to ask if they wanted to come taste it!

I love my kids!!!


chris and megan said...

I can't believe you made butter!? You should take pictures next time ... if there's a next time. I'm all about making stuff all natural ... although churning butter might me a little too much work for me! ha! :)

Michelle Baker said...

I DID take pictures, lol! I posted them on Facebook under "homeschooling pictures." We had a blast!