Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time marches on...

...and eventually you notice it's marching right across your face!

Yeah, that's a line stolen from Steel Magnolias. :)

So we went today and dropped off my oldest daughter at a church camp, and she'll be gone for 4 days. We pick her back up on Sunday morning. She was ecstatic to be going, even though I am less than thrilled about being away from her, I was happy for her. I will be worrying the whole time about her heart though, since she is supposed to sit down so she doesn't overexert herself, and she refuses to do so. I told every adult at the camp who would listen to MAKE her sit down and MAKE her drink water. Other than that, she couldn't wait to get rid of us so she could go to her cabin's pizza party!

Took some beautiful pictures in a local park yesterday. May go back and take some more, I liked them so well. I'll upload pictures when I have the time.

Hope everyone is well... will start posting more in about 3 weeks, when the kids go to school and I am alone with my baby. :(