Monday, June 28, 2010


Only one day left, and our family gets to be a WHOLE, COMPLETE unit for six wonderful weeks!!!

The plumbers are here, working on the bathroom. They arrived at 8:15 this morning, and now it's 10:58. I must admit, after two and a half hours of work, they have me a little worried, as it doesn't look like much is getting done. It actually looks like they keep running in and out... and they keep leaving my door open, so there are a ton of flies in here! :(

I feel very sluggish today. I didn't go to sleep until around 2, and I didn't sleep very well because I kept waking up. Then waking up so early... that is just not on (that means it's not good, lol). I make the kiddos pancakes, and Fifi asked for the dark chocolate peanut butter on hers. I put a little on there, and then she refused to touch it and ate two plain ones instead! Lulu ate three pancakes with the dark chocolate peanut butter on them, and Bud ate two with Nutella on them. As a rule, I don't eat when I wake up... I have a cup of coffee, and then if I start to feel hungry, I might eat. Usually lunch is my first meal of the day. I have always been like that, though - eating as soon as I wake up in the morning makes me feel nauseated the rest of the day. My middle child is my morning person - up at the butt crack of dawn, ready to eat and start the day, and ALWAYS happy, no matter how little sleep she may have gotten. Oh that we could all be that way!!