Thursday, June 17, 2010

1st burn of the season


I have missed the boat yet again. There's a bible study I wanted to take at church that apparently started at the beginning of this week, and because I have an absolute crap short-term memory, I completely forgot to sign up for it. Sigh.

Today was pretty good though. The girls had worked around Grandma's house and earned some money, and they decided to use it to take Daddy to the Sellersburg pool today. We all had a lot of fun, although I can't find the baby's lifejacket, and my oldest says she wants one to make her feel safer, too. The baby went underwater three times completely by accident... the first time, my oldest was holding her and she slipped out of her arms. She said, "Mommy she threw me in!" It took some convincing but I finally managed to get it across that it was an accident... and then she freaked out, worried that her sissy was "still under the water." LOL. And despite using baby sunscreen that was 40 SPF (the WHOLE bottle was used between the 5 of us), we all got burnt in some way or another. My upper back and the tops of my knees (from sitting on the ledge so long), hubby's upper back, and all of our cheeks... poor things. :( We still had fun though, so they think it was worth it!