Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woo hoo

Went outside in the SWELTERING heat this morning to water the plants, and I noticed that the corn I planted last week has started to sprout!! YAY!! so the birds didn't get ALL of my seeds... have I mentioned how much I hate birds? Because I really, really do. I hate them. Loathe them. of course, it is partially my fault that they can get to the seeds, since I don't have anything covering my pots, but still. I checked the pot I planted the pumpkin seeds in, and they are ALL GONE. There was a huge hole in the soil where the birds (or maybe another animal, I don't know - but I suspect it was birds because of where I had the pots sitting) had dug in the soil to get the seeds. It was the same in the pot of thyme and the pot of lavender. Thank goodness I planted some of all of those in my little covered greenhouses, but still! (I'm saying that a lot today, huh?) Grrr!