Friday, May 21, 2010

who cares?

Why is it such a big deal that I like to spend time with my family? I don't really have girlfriends that I go out with. I haven't been out with "the girls" for 13 years. I got married, and I wanted to spend time with my husband. Then when my stepdaughter was around, I spent time with both of them. Then I started having my own kids, and I wanted to spend time with them. I still do. My kids are the most awesome people on the face of the planet. We like the same things, we hang out and we have fun. The laughter in my home is so amazing - I only wish I'd grown up in a home like this. Why do people look gobsmacked when I say "I'd rather stay at home with my kids," as opposed to going out to a bar or something? I don't drink, I don't dance, and honestly, I don't really understand people who do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disparaging people who do these things - I'm just saying maybe y'all shouldn't be so judgmental. While you're judging me for being a family-centered homebody, I'm wondering why you live the way you do, too.


Mrs. Wesely said...

I think it's great you are having the time of your life with your kids! I know you are experiencing the home life you never had. Your kids are going to be amazing because of it! I don't have kids yet but my favorite place to be is watching a movie on the couch with Jonathon. :)

Chuck, Heather, and Makenna Curtis said...

I would rather stay at home with Makenna or take her with me when I go shopping than just pawn her off on someone or whatever. Occasionally I'll go grab a bite to eat with a friend of mine without her, but those times are few and far between. I always feel guilty if I'm not spending time with her because I spend so much time away from her when I'm working.