Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop studying strife, and learn to live the unexamined life!

So today Lexi's teacher sent home a sheet to let me know how she's doing, since she doesn't have any concerns that would need to be addressed in a parent/teacher conference. Lexi has far surpassed her goals for the end of the year already, including the fact that she reads at above a 3rd grade level! (The teacher isn't sure exactly what level she reads at, since she was taking too long testing Lexi and needed to test other students). Lexi is in 1st grade, so this is a big deal to me. :) She's just like I was when I was little - all I wanted to do was read!

This week is shaping up to be fairly boring so far, with the highlight being on Friday the 13th - I have tickets for Lexi and I to see the Louisville Ballet's production of Cinderella. She is out of her mind excited. She got a new dress, new fancy schmancy shoes, and I'm letting her borrow some of my jewelry to go with it. We're going to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory, too. I didn't get a ticket for Gracie because her ADD won't allow her to sit still long enough to watch it (she fidgeted endlessly through the Nutcracker). Lexi is fascinated by ballet, so we're all good on the attention front, at least!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! <3


chris and megan said...

Sounds like you all are going to have an awesome Friday!