Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

It's Christmas Eve Eve, and I'm still sick. My head aches, I have a sore, runny, stuffy nose (it actually feels like my nose lost a fight with the wrong end of a hammer), and my right ear hurts. I still have cooking to do, too. I don't feel like doing anything but lying on the couch. I need to make some more fudge (I've made over 20 lbs this month so far), corn pudding, popover rolls (from scratch), and put together the breakfast for christmas morning (sausage casserole) without baking it, so it's ready for the oven that morning. Lexi is playing with her new roller skates, Gracie is playing with her pixo's, and Josie is playing with her cheerleader pom-poms (gifts from their dad's aunt/uncle and cousins), so they're pretty happy.

Mommy needs to go to bed! :( I DON'T WANNA BE SICK ON CHRISTMAS!!!!! Waaah!