Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, those of you in this area know about our wind, and all the damage it caused. Luckily the power never went out in our apartment (finally, a positive thing about living here). My sister and her newborn were not so lucky, though - their power is still out. Thank goodness my Dad went and got them (he has power), and they're staying with him for now.

School has been canceled all week for my girls, which is nice because now I get to spend some time with them... but of course, it's not all peaches & cream, because I am sick. Eugh. My throat hurts and I am dizzy and having hot flashes - it's not pretty. :( Fi is really enjoying having them home, though! And if I feel better later tonight (doubtful, but still), then I am going to try and make some sunflower cookies (peanut butter cookies, but with sunflower butter instead, since one of my little ones is allergic to peanuts!).

Oh, and yesterday was my weekly weight watchers weigh-in. I lost 5 pounds this week!

Love to all! (P.S. - I don't usually post pictures here, and for good reason... but I will share one for right now.)