Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poor Lulu!

My poor Lexi was up all last night with croup. I took her to the doctor today, and he gave her an oral steroid, which from past experience is the only thing that works on her. She was not happy. This is the kid who doesn't blink at shots, and watches (with interest) when they poke her finger... and today she freaked out over the strep swab they did on her throat. Silly turkey! But tonight she'll be feeling better after she gets her steroid. Thank goodness for that!

I finally got to wander around the new Family Christian bookstore in Clarksville. How cool is that place!! My one complaint: their music section is UBER small. :( If I want a big selection, I guess I'll have to take my lazy rear over to the Wellspring in Louisville. Thanks to my friend Emily, though, I have the new Skillet cd (Thanks, Emmy!), which rocks my socks!

Grace and I are apparently the only ones going to church tonight. Lexi is still feeling oogy, and when Josie woke up last night and didn't see Lexi, she FREAKED out. Seriously. So she was up half the night, too. So the two of them and Daddy are going to stay home and sleep while Grace and I go to church.

Pray for my baby chickenses!

PS - How can this NOT touch your heart?