Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy St. Nick's Day!

So today is St. Nicholas' Day. Every year, Santa comes and leaves the kids ONE gift in their stocking on this day (Dec. 6). This year he gift-wrapped candy bars and dropped them in their stockings! Gracie had Reese Cups for breakfast, LOL! Not the most nutritious thing in the world, but it was a special occasion! :)

Tonight I went to KMart while Gracie was at Girl Scouts (Lexi stayed home with Daddy and Josie because she threw up this morning), and I bought some gold ribbon for the Christmas tree. All of my ornaments are red and gold, so I needed a gold ribbon. Tomorrow I'm going to take all of the ornaments off and put the ribbon on, then reposition the ornaments (all of them will still be around the top of the tree, so Josie can't get to them!). I also got a string of white lights to go around the dining room window, so that'll be fun. The girls will get a kick out of it, anyway, and that's all that matters. :)

Gracie had her first spelling test ever today, and she got 100%. She's so smart! She also said something pretty amazing to me on the way to Scouts:

Gracie: Mom, I'm glad we have a star on top of our tree.

Me: Me, too. Why are you glad?

Gracie: Because when those guys went to see Jesus, they had to follow a star to find him. When they found him, the star was over him, so that's why we're supposed to have a star on top of our tree, to remind us of how those guys found him.

Me: *stares open-mouthed*

So my daughter absorbs more than I think she does, apparently. Note to self: be more careful what you say around little ears - they just might hear you, after all.